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—Andrea Hayley-Sankaran, Founder of Good Gut Ayurveda and Lotus Flow Living

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— Hi, I'm Andrea, Ayurvedic Chef and Certified Digestive Health Coach

Nice to meet you!

I help people with gut health concerns learn to enjoy their food.

Let me share my story with you very briefly. For as long as I can remember, I struggled with a sensitive stomach, frequent indigestion, and dyspepsia. For years as a kid, I used to feel nauseas every night at bedtime, and every morning when I awoke. The pain in my stomach was constant and relentless. I was never able to feel comfortable or relaxed, so I fixated on it, and the pain stole my energy, making me feel weak and emotional.

A search for healing in my early 20s led me down many roads, but nothing worked—or felt right to me—until I discovered Ayurveda. That’s when everything changed. Even so, it took decades to sort out all the intricacies and perfect a complete solution for complex digestive issues that is now helping so many people just like you. Now that program is ready to work for you

What Others Are Saying

I find myself in a new chapter of my life. I’m down to the weight I was in 2005. I am where I want to be. Each step you take is a new beginning, and there are a lot of things I’ve kept that will be new habits.
Wendy Morris
'I have brought mindfulness to the way I cook.' Cooking in the way that you taught me is not the same as my typical utilitarian approach to food. I feel calm and peace, because I know I am doing something incredible for my body.
Sophia Marsh Ochner
Sophia Marsh-Ochsner
Life Coach
It has been wonderful to feel like myself almost all the time now. I think about where I was then, and where I am now. How much you have helped me. This has been so helpful and life-changing to be honest with you. It has given me my life back. You helped me every step along the way.
Judith Mitello

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