Ayurveda Fall Cleanse

Complete support for a successful 2-week detox and digestive reset

—with Andrea Hayley-Sankaran

Imagine How Good You Will Feel ...

Why Do I Fall Cleanse?

The arrival of fall brings with it cooler, drier, and lighter weather, which triggers Vata dosha and can easily lead to feelings of being scattered, overwhelmed and fatigued. Being the dominant dosha, any Vata disturbance makes the body-mind vulnerable to disease.

A fall cleanse will both allow you to support your Vata, and clear out summer’s accumulated heat and toxins, which are Pitta imbalances.

Whether you are affected by these common symptoms or not, a fall cleanse will calm your nervous system, support your sleep, give your digestive system a reset, cleanse toxins, strengthen your immunity, and protect your health for the winter ahead.

The benefits of a fall cleanse will last you for months and support a healthier and happier fall/winter season.

Ayurveda Fall Cleanse Dates

Ayurveda Fall Cleanse 2024

Ayurveda Fall Cleanse is a 2-week gentle cleanse, fully supported and taught over 4 weekly virtual classes.

Classes include training, Q&A,  handouts, and recordings.

* 2024 classes start on Tuesday, Oct 8 and run for 4 weeks. 

The suggested dates for the actual cleanse are Oct 16–29, 2024, and these are the dates that I will be doing the cleanse along with you. These are the dates shown in the calendar.

I will provide an editable copy of the cleanse calendar in case you want to schedule different dates.

When you register for Ayurveda Fall Cleanse, you will receive everything you need to confidently complete your cleanse successfully at a time of your choosing, with access to the class recordings and a support community for 3 months.

What’s Included?

Each class includes training, Q&A, slides, and handouts.
* Includes recordings and a Member’s Area with community commenting feature for 24/7 access to Andrea and the community for support.

CLASS 1 - Preparation and Pre-Cleanse

We’ll start with cleanse preparations, and get you ready to start the Pre-Cleanse Phase of clean eating and simple dietary and herbal protocols.

CLASS 2 - Active Cleanse

This class is all about preparations for the Active Cleanse phase, which involves new protocols and non-fat cooking techniques.

CLASS 3 - Flush and Post-Cleanse

We will talk about the best way to flush the digestive system, and steps to take during your Post-Cleanse phase.

CLASS 4- Reintegration

The right reintegration strategy can greatly extend the benefits of your cleanse and ensure the best possible results from your efforts.

Complete Fall Cleanse Guide

  • Planning calendar
  • Detailed protocols for each phase
  • Daily checklist
  • FAQ for troubleshooting

Herbal Cleanse Support Package

  • Delivered via postal mail (USA and Canada)
  • Manjistha Tea
  • Fall Herbal Tea
  • Garavisha Tea
  • Spice Masala (dosha specific)


  • Flexible eating plans (3 options)
  • Over 60 recipes, sorted by phase
  • Key recipe videos
  • Fall grocery and food list

Self-Care & Lifestyle Support

  • Self-care practice instructions
  • Daily prompts and reminders
Andrea Love bomb

Andrea Hayley-Sankaran is a Certified Ayurvedic Digestive Health Coach with the Joyful Belly School of Ayurveda, a Biocharacteristics Digestive Health Coach certified with the American Association of Biocharacteristics Clinicians (AABC), and a mindfulness and vegetarian chef of 25 years.

Andrea believes in the innate power of individuals to reverse their pain and chronic disease naturally and joyfully. Through her courses, programs, and coaching, she compassionately empowers her community to resolve the root causes of their physical, mental, and emotional imbalances with individualized food and lifestyle habits that form the foundation for a healthy and flowing life. 

What others are saying ....

Best way to achieve detox without food deprivation!
Mihaela Enache
Mihaela Enache
My husband lost 30 pounds ... and I can’t tell you how many times he said “thank you Andrea.” And he stopped smoking. He’s happy and he feels better and I think it was the perfect kickstart to the summer … he is really being very good. What I find really interesting is that is mindset has changed. He thinks more.
Cathy Buchanan
Art Framing Specialist
I just completed Andrea’s two week Ayurvedic cleanse which was AMAZING! I was never hungry; always felt satisfied, and though “regular” in my elimination, even that improved! I’m putting more “zest” in my foods with this new knowledge and helping my family’s health with new ways to treat problems.
Dee Shelton
Fitness Trainer

Ayurveda Fall Cleanse

4-week support program


  • Four weekly classes – Tuesdays, from Oct 8 – 29, 2024
  • Includes class recordings
  • Step-by-step Fall Cleanse Guide with protocols
  • Complete “Herbal Cleanse Support Package” mailed to your door
  • Planning calendar
  • Flexible eating plans (3 options)
  • Individualization by dosha
  • Over 60 recipes to choose from
  • Grocery and foods list
  • Self-care and lifestyle support
  • Daily checklist
  • FAQ for troubleshooting
  • Access to Andrea and community support for 3 months
ayurveda fall cleanse