If you could find the source of your most distressing health concerns ...


I offer a comprehensive wellness package that includes a 3-hour initial Ayurvedic Health Consultation, a highly personalized Transformational Wellness Plan, and follow-up appointments designed to get you to your health goals in the shortest possible time.

You Already Know that Your Health is the Key Ingredient for a Happy & Fulfilled Life


If you are looking for relief from painful physical symptoms, and you suspect your digestion and gut health might hold the solution, then an Ayurvedic Health Consultation with me can help you discover the root causes.

Ayurveda views health through the lens of 5,000 years of observed and lived wisdom that has been codified as the “science of healthy living.”

Ayurveda’s view is that disease starts in the gut first. It starts with imbalances in biocharacteristics such as an excess of hot, cold, dry, heavy, oily, etc. 

An excess is referred to as an imbalance in Ayurveda. The excess then travels from its origin in the gut into the blood, where it circulates and eventually settles and individualizes in bodily tissues (usually where you have a weakness), creating dis-ease. 

By supporting your gut, you will improve and optimize how your food is used by your body for healing and renewal (self-healing). 

If you haven’t consulted Ayurveda on your wellness journey yet, I encourage you to do so now, because there’s nothing that compares to Ayurveda’s individualized approach.

Ayurveda’s view is that every person is a unique being, with a unique constitutional body type and imbalances. You will be able to gain more awareness of how your body functions, connect to new understandings, and empower yourself in the process.

My invitation:

Transformational Wellness

I have designed a Transformational Wellness Package with the maximum value and individual attention I can possibly offer,  to ensure that you get everything you need to achieve your health goals. I wholeheartedly invite you to let me help you.

This package includes: (all delivered virtually)

  • 3-hour initial Ayurvedic Health Consultation
  • Your individualized Transformational Wellness Plan (details below)
  • Follow-up to Discuss Your Wellness Plan and Make Adjustments (60 minutes)
  • Monthly Consultations (60 minutes each)
  • Monthly Checkins (30 minutes each)

Before we begin, you will be asked to complete a comprehensive intake of your overall health symptoms and submit this information, including photos of your tongue, face, hands, fingers, and body profile. Your preparation will take about 1-2 hours, and it is to ensure maximal and holistic clarity on your health condition. 

My focus in our initial 3-hour consultation will be to understand your life history, to ask questions based on what you submitted, and to listen very carefully, so that we can uncover the heart of the problem, whether it be mind, body, or spirit, or all of it.

I am a sensitive empath, and I believe in empowering you with the utmost compassion. Your experience, your preferences, and what feels right to you, is what will guide us toward a tangible plan, a.k.a. your pot of gold.

We will design your plan with your needs and current lifestyle in mind, so that it can serve as a loving roadmap to reach your health goals.

Consult Schedule

Month 1

  • Initial consultation (3 hours)
  • You receive your Personal Wellness Plan
  • Meeting to review the plan and prioritize steps (60 minutes)

Month 2 +

  • Monthly consult (60 minutes)
  • Monthly checkin (30 minutes)

Your plan offers clarity, and a roadmap to follow. Below is a list of the valuable sections contained in your Transformation Wellness Plan.


Your specific health goals are listed right at the top, so you know exactly where you’re headed.


Get clarity on your Ayurvedic constitution (dosha), and an understanding for the specific lifestyle habits that are most likely to harm you, as well as what has traditionally felt balancing for people like you.

It is important to realize that we often make choices against our own best interests without realizing it. Gaining insight into how your choices may be either harmful or supportive can be tremendously empowering.


An Ayurvedic approach to healing uses biocharacteristics (also known as qualities), such as Hot, Heavy, or Dry, to determine conditions of imbalance that are dominant in your body. It is these imbalances that create the conditions for dis-ease in the body that manifest as uncomfortable symptoms.

Expect to gain clarity on your specific signs of imbalance, and what triggers the imbalances, as well as the food choices and lifestyle habits that are contributing to these imbalances.


Here is where you’ll see a summary of which types of foods and cooking techniques have traditionally been the most supportive for people with your imbalances, as well as which ones to minimize.


Here is where you get a list of your best foods, organized by category, to serve as your guide for recipe and meal planning.


I will suggest at least 10 recipes that are likely to be the most nourishing for you.

Recipes will based on the ideal foods that we’ve identified to bring your body back into balance, as well as the specific diet preferences you share with me. They will also be flexible and customizable, so that one recipe becomes many.

I am an Ayurvedic chef with 25 years of experience cooking in a way that supports mind-body balance. I have a lot to offer you in this area, and many of the recipes I share will be my own. I support people with all dietary preferences and needs.


Herbal teas and spices contain tremendously valuable health benefits for mind, body, and spirit. I will help you to incorporate the right herbs and spices into your diet to help you feel more balanced.


Ayurvedic herbal supplements are simply herbs that come from nature. They have not been processed in labs, and Ayurvedic formulas are synergetic, gentle, and supportive of the body’s natural function. Supplements are not usually my first choice, but if I think it is appropriate, I will recommend these to you at the appropriate time.


You will receive at least six targeted health action steps related to self-care and daily routines. These are designed to fit into your lifestyle, and embrace the things you already love, so you only need to make a few tweaks to fit these in.

* You may also receive additional resources related to your specific health concerns, clearing mental and emotional blocks, etc.

Andrea Love bomb

Andrea Hayley-Sankaran is a Certified Ayurvedic Digestive Health Coach with the Joyful Belly School of Ayurveda, a Biocharacteristics Digestive Health Coach certified with the American Association of Biocharacteristics Clinicians (AABC), and a mindfulness and vegetarian chef of 25 years.

Andrea believes in the innate power of individuals to reverse their pain and chronic disease naturally and joyfully. Through her courses, programs, and coaching, she compassionately empowers her community to resolve the root causes of their physical, mental, and emotional imbalances with individualized food and lifestyle habits that form the foundation for a healthy and flowing life. 

Ayurveda Wellness Package

3 months


  • 3-hour initial Ayurvedic Health Consultation
  • Your Transformational Wellness Plan
  • Follow-up to Discuss Plan (60 min)
  • 2 Monthly Consultations (60 min)
  • 2  Monthly Checkins (30 min)
  • E-mail Access to Andrea
  • Weekly Client Support Emails
    7 hours 1:1 meetings with Andrea, plus 6+ hours of Andrea working behind the scenes on your plan, recommendations, and followups.

Ayurveda Wellness Package

6 months


  • 3-hour initial Ayurvedic Health Consultation
  • Your Transformational Wellness Plan
  • Follow-up to Discuss Plan (60 min)
  • 5 Monthly Consultations (60 min)
  • 5 monthly Checkins (30 min)
  • E-mail Access to Andrea
  • Weekly Client Support Emails
    11.5 hours 1:1 meetings with Andrea, plus 8+ hours of Andrea working behind the scenes on your plan, recommendations, and followups.

Have questions?

NOTE: This is a comprehensive package that addresses mind, body, and spirit, and seeks to uncover the source of your imbalances, wherever they may hide. This package is not designed to diagnose, treat, prescribe, heal, or cure any medical condition or disease. The purpose of Ayurveda is to support the body in achieving balance through diet and lifestyle practices that align with the rhythms and cycles of nature, and nothing works if you do not made the suggested changes. I am an Ayurvedic Digestive Health Coach. I am not a doctor or MD. You should continue to work with your doctor and inform him or her of changes that you are making as a result of this program.​

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