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Have you been busy with work, and taking care of everyone else, and now your health is catching up to you?


6 Steps to a Happier & Healthier Gut

Where you will actually enjoy getting healthier 

What you will learn inside …

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs who understand that their health is their wealth. I help you improve your health, without reducing your productivity or success. On the contrary, taking care of yourself will definitely ensure your long-term success, and make the journey a whole lot more enjoyable.

To your health and happiness,
Andrea Hayley-Sankaran


As the founder of Good Gut Ayurveda, a certified Ayurvedic Digestive Health Coach, and a vegetarian chef of 25 years with a popular food blog, Andrea Hayley-Sankaran helps busy entrepreneurs unlock their energy, freedom, and flow with Lotus Flow Living, her proprietary system for healthy diet and lifestyle habits informed by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

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