The Healing Power of Fire Gazing

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“You are supported by source. You are enough. You are connected to all that is, and all that will ever be.”

The other night, while gazing at a fire in my backyard garden, I came face to face with one of the five great elements that forms all matter, from the human body, to the entire universe. 

As the flames swirled, and the embers shone inside the pitch black, circular, fire container, I saw in it stacked deep sacred energy … and then transformation and awareness of the primal fire flickered in my consciousness. 

Suddenly, the thought occurred to me that this same fire has existed throughout all time.

Then another thought. Millions of years ago, inhabitants on earth would have gazed upon this VERY SAME FIRE. 

sacred element of fire

Whoa … then a cascade of illuminated thoughts came to me.

Time cannot change fire.

Nothing changes fire.

Fire is one of the five elements.

As I reflected on this, allowing the acrid smoke to linger in the air around me, slowly my mind released, and the fire took over. 

Gods and divine beings suddenly swirled within my fire pit and reached out to me. They showered me with unconditional love and acceptance as I struggled to receive it. 

My small mind, dulled by an all-day throbbing headache, attempted to capture the moment with meaning that I could take and keep. 

What was their message? 

“You are supported by source. You are enough. You are connected to all that is, and all that will ever be.”

Nurturing the Fire

Powerful feelings of belonging, of safety, and of grounding, ensued, as time passed and the fire began to die down. I held my face as close as possible to the heat.

With eternal truths supporting me, there is no way to fail in my work, I thought. 

I reflected on Anita Moorjani’s famous near-death experience. I felt that I, too, received a message of unconditional love. 

I have felt so lost recently. I needed this so badly. 

Oh my! I forgot until this very moment writing this that earlier that day, I’d asked the universe for guidance. Was this my guidance? This must be my guidance.

Agni, the God of Fire

And then I realized the next thing. I teach a way of health and happiness based on the traditional system of healthcare from Indian known as Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is closely connected to the god of fire known as Agni in Hindu traditions. 

Agni is the power of transformation and transmutation. Agni is literally the power of digestion and metabolism. In Ayurveda, agni is your digestive fire.

There’s agni not only in your belly, but throughout your body, regulating, transforming, and carrying out chemical reactions. Balanced agni is the ultimate protection for your immunity and homeostasis. 

Agni, this fire, is everywhere. It cooks the food on our stoves and in our bellies. Fire is one of the five great elements of nature.

Hindu tradition says that one of the god Agni’s roles is to convey messages from immortals to humans, and vice versa. 

In my case, Agni indeed acted as a facilitator of messages from the divine.

The way I personally connected was through Agni’s material form as the primordial fire, which is the fire that has always existed, and is available to us always.  Simply light a candle and you, too, can connect to divinities.

What Gives Your Life Meaning?

Fire gazing opened up a doorway to explore my life’s meaning that evening.

It made me think also of the god of Ayurveda, who is known as Dhanvantari.

It is absolutely fascinating to me that Dhanvantari emerged out of the Ocean of Milk with amrita, or the nectar of divine immortality, to rescue the universe from asuras, or demons, and teach humans how to stay healthy.  

Talk about universal elements, and the search for meaning in the human world right?

I realized more deeply that I am a facilitator of Dhanvantari’s divine knowledge in the human world about how to recover balance, how to connect mind and body, and how to live in harmony with oneself, and the universe. 

Seeing myself as a facilitator of divine knowledge connects my purpose to something greater. We are motivated when we can see how our actions contribute to something greater than ourselves. 

I also reflected on how my experience with fire gazing allowed me to feel safe and secure, like I was protected in the boundless strength of the divine light. 

I also thought of the root chakra. Then, later that same night I was listening to Margaret Lynch, and she mentioned that the root chakra is red, which I didn’t know, and how a blocked root chakra can lead to a life dominated unconsciously by fear. 

I wondered if the root chakra is connected to fire, or if that is just my own thing. So far, I haven’t found that connection anywhere, or the idea of fire as a therapy for the root chakra. I will continue talking about it for sure, as I would love for you to experience what I did, and discover safety and security, and deeper meaning in your life through fire gazing.

The big fire

There was something so incredibly grounding about staring into the fire like that for a couple hours. I lost all sense of time. Thoughts ceased, and I sunk into the truth of just being in the world. 

The Wisdom of Being

I recognized that I was in a state of being, and it felt a little scary.

I am very aware of the grip of the busy mind. It thinks that if you aren’t fixated on any one thing, then what are you doing? What’s your worth? Where is your meaning derived? How difficult it is to just be!!

This exposes a myth! We spend our lives in pursuit; attempting to prove, to attain, to gain, to win, to achieve, to get. But for what? What do we get? And what does it matter in the end? You don’t want to get to the end of your life and realize that you wasted it.

I was shown the futility of a life based on pursuit for personal gain early on. It actually led me at one point to give up everything and start from scratch, so that my starting point would be deeply personal and vulnerable.

This is to say that personal gain does not motivate me. I loose my will and desire to move forward each and every time I loose the connection to the reason why I’m doing what I do in the first place. 

Making money, or even helping people learn to cook, just isn’t enough. I know what I want to teach, but I question myself constantly as to whether I am in fact doing so. 

I believe that what matters in life is only what we have enlightened to, what we have evolved ourselves into, and the people we helped and assisted along the way. 

I also believe that what we choose to do. How we choose to be. What we say, and how we spend our time, all matter in the sense that we are either aiding meaningful spiritual growth, or blocking it. 

The road for each of us won’t always be straight. Sometimes it won’t be clear, but each of us has an innate sense within as to whether we are indeed on the path, or if we’ve fallen off. 

If you’ve fallen off your path, you want to seek guidance to get back on your path.

Pray (or ask) for thoughts and actions that are righteous and supportive to your spiritual growth. Then take action, and the path will become clear again.  

Last night my action was to start a fire and gaze into it. 

All you need to find your direction is the will to change yourself and seek the light. Let that be your starting place. 

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