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As a student of Happy Eater you are entitled to claim access to valuable course recipes and resources, collected all in one place. There is no additional cost for this content. This content IS NOT available to the general public, but you must register and login to get access.


  1. Discovery Call Member
    Freemium member access – for individuals who reach out and have a conversation with me. Inside this membership you will find Dosha Diets, and other valuable resources to get your started on your Ayurveda journey.
  2. Happy Eater Student
    Student access – here you will find current and past course recipes, as well as the resources, cheetsheets and templates that are part of Happy Eater, all in one convenient place.

To your health and happiness!

—Andrea Hayley-Sankaran

Discovery Call
Register now to get access to resources to help you get started on your Ayurveda journey.
Find your dosha diet
Good Gut Ayurveda resources
Happy Eater Student
Gain access to course resources all in one place.
Recipes for current and past courses
Resources that make your life easier

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