Summit Speaker Details

Entrepreneur’s Health Summit is taking place September 23-24, and I would love for you to be a speaker at this amazing event. 

The promise of the event is to “Discover the Health and Happiness Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs.” 

The audience is entrepreneurs (and professionals) with health concerns, or those who seek to prevent disease.

As a wellness expert, this event will position you as someone who serves entrepreneurs, which is the largest audience in the JV community. 

I welcome speakers on the following health and wellness topics, who can speak to an audience of entrepreneurs: 

  • Diet and Nutrition: Healthy eating
  • Physical Activity: Do more of it (at least 3.5 hours of exercise/week)
  • Stress Management: Self-care, in all its myriad forms
  • Mindset: Have the right mindset is mission criticalHolistic Health: So many modalities that can help
  • Beauty, Skincare, and Fashion: We all want to feel our best
  • Social Connection: Spend time with friends, family, and business associates  
  • Fun: Sometimes we need reminders, and permission, to have fun
  • Purpose: We are happier when we know our life has purpose, and we act on it.

If this sounds like something that lights you up, I would love to discuss with you further. 


Before I ask you to spend any more of your precious time going through the registration process, I want you to know what is required from you. 

To be a good fit, you must agree to promote the summit to your list between September 15-24, and target a minimum of 20 attendees.

This is a LIVE event. We ask that you show up for your interview on time and camera-ready, and that you follow the guidelines for participation. You are encouraged to promote your Free Gift at the end, but no direct selling (unless approved). 

We require a $25 fee to help offset some of the costs of running the summit, as well as have some skin in the game.

I am investing a lot of time and money to host this event. This fee helps to ensure that the event will be successful, and benefit us all.  

More details are available in the Expert Speaker MOU, which you can download here


  • Providing platforms, technology, and support to run this event successfully. 
  • Providing SWIPE copies and graphics to support your promotions. 
  • Paying 50% affiliate commissions on VIP upgrades. 
  • Promoting you as an expert, and making you look amazing, throughout the event. 
  • Running an exclusive Gift Giveaway about a month after the event to all attendees. 


1. Schedule a 30-minute Speaker Interview with me to discuss the details of your participation.

2. Fill Out Your Speaker Profile on Event Raptor, and follow steps A,B,C to apply for the Summit:

A) Sign up for a free account, and fill in your speaker details.

  • Name, title, company, bio and credentials. Make sure you publish it. 

B) Next, scroll down on the page and create a presentation. 

  • This will be your talk title and description for the summit. 
  • For the description, enter 3 bullet points that describe what attendees will learn from your talk. 
  • Be sure to publish this too.

C) Use the dashboard on the left to navigate to events, and find Entrepreneur’s Health Summit.

  • On the top right of this page, you will find a blue button “Present at Event” 
  • Click this button and fill in your details to apply. 

3. Fill out the Speaker Registration Jotform

I apologize for making you fill out two forms. Event Raptor is a platform that is still in development, and so not everything can be done in one place yet! 

This is where you will provide details of your Gift Giveaway, provide an optional VIP Upgrade Gift, sign the Speaker’s Agreement, and pay your deposit.  

You can fill out the form directly below, or click here to visit Jotform.

4. Pay the $25 Speaker’s Fee

5. Sign up as an affiliate with Thrive Cart


Feel free to email me with any questions you have. You may also choose to get your questions answered during the Speaker Interview.

Sign up for your Speaker Interview here.

I look forward to chatting with you further. 

Warm regards, Andrea