Easy Health Solutions

Easy Health Solutions Summit is taking place October 11-13, 2023, and I am thrilled that you have agreed to be a speaker at this amazing event. 

The promise of the event is to “Discover Easy Diet and Lifestyle Solutions to Prevent, or Reverse Chronic Disease.”

Our audience is anyone with health concerns, anyone seeking seeking to prevent disease, or people who just want to feel healthier and happier. These are action takers looking for tips, resources, and solutions that they can implement!  


Before I ask you to spend any more of your precious time going through the registration process, I want you to know what is required from you. 

To be a good fit, you must have an audience of at least 3,000 active subscribers and agree to promote the summit to your list with at least 2 solo emails between September 26-October 13.

This is a LIVE event. We ask that you show up for your interview on time and camera-ready, and that you follow the guidelines for participation. You are encouraged to promote your Free Gift at the end, but no direct selling (unless approved). 


  • Providing platforms, technology, and support to run the event successfully. 
  • Providing SWIPE copies and graphics to support your promotions. 
  • Promoting VIP ticket sales and paying 50% affiliate commissions on VIP upgrades attributed to your link. 
  • Promoting you as an expert, and making you look amazing, throughout the event. 


Please complete the following 3 steps:

1. Apply for the summit on Event Raptor and provide all the requested details.


2. Accept the speaker agreement with your digital signature, and fill in some additional details.

click here to visit Jotform.

3. Sign up as an affiliate with Thrive Cart.

click here to register as an affiliate


Feel free to email me with any questions you have at andrea@goodgutayurveda.com.

I would also be happy to have a quick chat with you on Zoom.

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About your host

Andrea Love bomb

Andrea Hayley-Sankaran is a Certified Ayurvedic Digestive Health Coach with the Joyful Belly School of Ayurveda, a Biocharacteristics Digestive Health Coach certified with the American Association of Biocharacteristics Clinicians (AABC), and a mindfulness and vegetarian chef of 25 years.

Andrea believes in the innate power of individuals to reverse their pain and chronic disease naturally and joyfully. Through her courses, programs, and coaching, she compassionately empowers her community to resolve the root causes of their physical, mental, and emotional imbalances with individualized food and lifestyle habits that form the foundation for a healthy and flowing life.