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Discover Your Magic Foods and Design Your Personal Gut Health Solution in 60 Days or Less

  • Strengthen your immunity and resilience by connecting to the self-healing power of nature.
  • Gain an awareness of how food makes you feel, and which foods are nourishing specifically for you.
  • Learn to cook deeply satisfying dishes that health your gut naturally.
  • Strengthen your metabolism, and enjoy more energy, freedom, and flow.
  • Start the process to reverse chronic disease.

Dear reader,

I am excited to share with you ‘Joyful Cooking for a Happy Gut’ 

This 6-week program will give you the support you need to balance your gut health naturally, and sustain it.

There are no gimmicks, no quick-fixes, no extreme measures, and no fancy products to sell you. This natural gut health solution is soothing, supportive, and inspiring. When you are empowered to take control of your situation, it will definitely change your life.

With love, Andrea Hayley-Sankaran

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Here's how,
and why,
I can make you
this promise ...

My name is Andrea Hayley-Sankaran, and I’m an Ayurvedic chef and nutritionist.

I discovered the transformational healing power of food in my early 20s, at a time when my stress and anxiety felt like it was eating me alive, and I had nowhere to turn.

Fortunately, I found a teacher who talked about the healing potential of whole foods cooking, and I started to understand food in an entirely new way.

Food went from being anything that tasted good and filled the belly, to which foods can I eat to nourish my belly, and how does it make me feel?

I realized that if I paid attention to what I ate, and choose foods that were supportive to my unique body type, I felt a WHOLE LOT BETTER.

The incredible thing, is that my simple home-cooking also helped me to feel peace of mind. This experience was so profound and compelling that I choose cooking as a career, which I did professionally for 7 years.

Seeking knowledge about healthy eating became an obsession, as well as my mainstay for health, happiness, and nourishment.

Over the years I’ve honed an approach to cooking for gut health that is truly transformative, and I became a certified Ayurvedic Digestive Health Coach.

My mission is to support women to connect with their truths, by empowering them with the divine knowledge of food and healthy living, so that they can tap into the universal source of nature’s healing energy, freedom, and flow.

25 years later,
my understanding
of gut health
is crystal clear


The popular adage says “You Are What You Eat,” but actually that’s not true.

It is more accurate to say “You Are What You Eat, and Can Digest.”


If you are not digesting your food properly, you are not absorbing the nutrients from your food.

The unfortunate thing is that this is true even if you paying higher prices for certified organic produce, and spending time cooking from scratch. All that effort can literally go down the drain if your gut isn’t functioning optimally.

The job of your gut microbes is to clean up what you can’t digest, and unfortunately, when these types of microbes start noshing on your food, things get a little … er … messy.

Just as we people eliminate urine and feces, your microbes are doing the same thing inside your body.

It’s actually microbial waste (otherwise known as fermentation or putrefaction) that’s causing your bloating, burping, gas, inflammation, uncomfortable pain, and so many other symptoms.

If this situation becomes chronic, and it continues long-term, you may find yourself with a full-blown disease, not to mention the current danger of weakened immunity.

Cutting-edge science has linked everything from diabetes to IBS to depression to arthritis, psoriasis, heart disease, obesity, auto-immune, inflammatory diseases, leaky gut, and brain health to a disordered gut microbiome. 

You may be experiencing the pain and discomfort of one of these diseases right now.


I was listening to an interview with an MD recently, and what he said blew my mind!!!

“It’s not the virus that’s the problem,” he said. “It’s the food that’s the problem.”

Dr. Joel Fuhrman was adamant that a healthy immune system—supported by a healthy gut—has the capacity to kill coronavirus on its own.

When there’s likely no drug that can protect you, or kill the virus for you, isn’t the virus a wakeup call to get your diet in order? 

Wonder if you’ve thought about this: Even if there is eventually a vaccination for COVID-19, what happens when the next pandemic hits?

Nutrition may very well be the ONLY SOLUTION.


Not long ago, I had a friend visit me who was feeling uncomfortably overweight. She couldn’t understand what was causing her unhealthy food cravings, and she was open to changing herself.

We sat in the garden, drank some herbal tea, and had a good heart-to-heart chat. After a couple hours, we said our goodbyes and she took some teas home with her.

For the next couple of weeks, she reached out to me a few times to tell me how transformational our chat was. 

Two-and-a-half weeks later, she called me up and said, “We have to talk.”

She told me, “I lost 7 pounds since we met,” and her skin looked better, with fewer visible fine lines.

She described feeling “full and nourished” after our conversation, with an overall feeling of “lighter, clearer, and better.”

How did this happen? I asked her.

“Well, I never made the connection between mind and body before, and it shifted something in me,” she said.

Wow right? 

SEE what students are saying about Joyful Cooking for a Happy Gut

I think I am down 5 pounds. Yaaaaahoooo!!

A little bit of mindfulness goes a long way! And I’ve noticed I don’t need to buy as much at the grocery store. It feels like I am coming more into balance. I was not expecting THAT!
Heather Schade

You engaged me, and inspired me …

to do the shopping, cooking, and the followup. It was very engaging. During the cooking class I was able to follow. I was so proud. I said to my mom, “I cooked today.”
Dilyana Meliva

Wonderful course that I would highly recommend!

The ideas, the recipes, the teaching style, and the new flavor combinations all resulted in a fantastic experience, a shift in daily eating, and accidental weight loss without even trying.
Kate Hellmers
Kate Hellmers

I highly recommend Andrea as a teacher and Ayurveda health counselor

Her course reminded me of the deep connection that the tastes of food have to the stomach, and how they affect our digestion. I learned how to make a simple condiment that I use daily in my food. It was a game changer in my digestion, and it's delicious.
Usha Leason
Usha Leason


'Joyful Cooking for a Happy Gut'

Here's Just the Tip of the Iceberg of What You Will Get:

  • Finally solve the problem of which foods are supportive for YOU, and which foods are not.
  • Sort out the probiotics question once and for all, and save money on expensive products you don’t need.
  • Bring awareness to your unhealthy cravings, and empower yourself to make better choices.
  • Receive hands-on support and gain confidence to cook in a way that serves your mind and body.
  • Incorporate mindfulness into your cooking practice, and turn a daily necessity into a daily meditation.
  • Finally … enjoy deeply satisfying dishes on a daily basis.


Imagine gaining an entirely new outlook on your diet

  • Impress your friends, family, and yourself, by preparing flavorful, satisfying meals.
  • Build up your self-care practice while still getting stuff done!
  • Learn to trust YOUR intuition to discern your needs, and walk into the brilliant light of self-healing.
  • Ignite the spark of your inner joy, and you will never go back to how you were before.
  • Protect yourself from every disease this planet can throw at you by empowering your own self-healing journey.
  • Transform your life, and your relationship to food forever.

What's NOT Part of This Course?

This is not about expensive supplements or superfoods. This is not about raw food, plant-based food, or juicing. Just real food, herbs, and spices.

This is not about a particular food dogma. I believe that all food has healing qualities, and I support everyone’s choice to eat what balances them. In fact, I teach how to understand that for yourself. 

There will be no sacrifice, self-denial, or food shaming. You do what feels right to you at all times, and explore your own experiences.

So Here’s the Bottom Line

When you take this course, you will learn to view your gut health in an entirely new way. You will walk away with a deeply personal understanding of what supports your gut health (and what doesn’t). You’ll bust through obstacles you never thought you could, and leave feeling empowered to take charge of your health outcomes. Your path ahead will feel clear, simple, and a whole lot more joyful.

But Let Me Give You Even More Love, With These Instant BONUSES for Acting Now


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As you can see, these bonuses alone have a total value of over $700 combined … but they’re yours when you act now!

Your gut health is a journey of many small steps, but with our support, those first steps will be the easiest to take.

And you have nothing to lose because you have a …

Satisfaction Guarantee


If “Joyful Cooking for a Happy Gut” doesn’t show me exactly how to naturally support my gut health … if it doesn’t take me by the hand, step-by-step, and show me what I need to do, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!!

As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so….

Here’s How to Order Right Now


This is still a relatively new course, so you can expect a smaller group, and more individual attention. This really is the best time to take this course!

> Program Starts: Tuesday, Nov. 10th, 2020

Course Outline

Know Your Nature


Learning your individual constitution is step one, because it reveals the foods and habits most likely to balance you, and clues about what might be causing your discomfort. It’s an insightful education in self knowledge that will serve as a guide to your gut health for life.

Discover Your Magic Foods


The foods you love that also support your health are your Magic Foods. You’ll learn numerous exciting and flavorful ways to cook your favorite foods, so you’re inspired to eat more of them. You’ll start collecting your Magic Recipes, so you have go-to favorites for a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack. We may even cook some of your recipes in class.

Build in Diversity


A typical diet lacks diversity, yet diversity is one of the most important ways to heal your gut. As you learn about the healing qualities of nature’s bounty, it’s sure to inspire you, make you feel new things, and tantalize your taste buds. We’ll also cover helpful kitchen tools, such as how to use a pressure cooker to cook highly nutritious, gut-healing meals.


Flavor creation is a core element of making food taste good, but did you also know it’s foundational for a healthy gut? I’ll demonstrate the impact of the Six Tastes on mind and body, and show you how to use specific tastes to maximize your gut health. A balance of six tastes fully satisfies—it can even feel blissful—and you’ll learn to create this experience for yourself.

Nourish mind and body


You’ve heard of the brain-gut connection. What does it mean for your gut health? Let’s just say that no program on natural gut health is complete without addressing this critical topic. You’ll learn 12 natural techniques to trigger rest-and-digest, and the science behind it. I’ll also share tools to help you get into a mindful cooking and eating practice.


I have saved the most critical part of natural gut health for last. Modern science is now confirming what the ancients have always known, that circadian rhythms signal to the body when to produce hormones, regenerate cells, sleep, wake, and digest. These rhythms are tied to the daily rising and setting of the sun, the movement of the seasons, and the temporal march of human life. Nature’s a powerful force for healing, and maintaining gut health is so much easier when you align yourself.

'I have brought mindfulness to the way I cook.'

Cooking in the way that you taught me is not the same as my typical utilitarian approach to food. I feel calm and peace, because I know I am doing something incredible for my body.
Sophia Marsh Ochner
Sophia Marsh-Ochsner

Go ahead and click the order link now, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we’ve talked about here, and much more!


One Time Offer At This Price!

This is still a relatively new course, so you can expect a smaller group, and more individual attention. This really is the best time to take this course!

> Program Starts: Tuesday, Nov. 10th, 2020

P.S.  I truly believe the coronavirus is our planetary wakeup call. There’s no quick fix for this. You are being presented an opportunity to improve you health holistically and bolster your immunity. You will feel better after you make this decision to change your life. 

I hope to see you in the course, but if you would prefer to have a chat with me before you decide, please schedule a call using the button below.   

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