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Ayurvedic Nutrition and Digestive Health Counsellor
Andrea Hayley-Sankaran

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Andrea Hayley-Sankaran (a.k.a. the Joyful Chef) is a teacher, community leader, and creator of courses, protocols, and tools that empower women to take control of their eating, and their health. As an Ayurvedic Nutrition and Digestive Health Counsellor, she has helped hundreds of women Eat, Live, and Feel Better as a result of her strategies, passion, and compassion to advance their success.

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The founder of Good Gut Ayurveda, and a vegetarian chef of 25 years with a popular food blog, Ayurvedic Nutrition and Digestive Health Counsellor Andrea Hayley-Sankaran is on a mission to empower women to take control of their health – so that they can discover a life of balance, ease, and FLOW.

Since learning to cook in her early 20s as a way to manage stress and anxiety, to overcoming a life-threatening illness through Ayurveda and a faith-over-fear attitude, Andrea’s gentle nurturing and leadership has attracted a community around her of women who are finding the courage within to strive for the profound well-being and fully expressed lives they seek.

Her passion, compassion, and inner joy is infectious …

Join with me in giving Andrea Hayley-Sankaran a warm welcome.


Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself, and how you help people?

You started cooking as a way to manage anxiety and stress. What exactly was it about cooking that helped you?

You talk about Eat, Feel, and Live Well. What do you mean by that?

Why is it so hard for most of us to eat healthy on a consistent basis? Why do we constantly fall off the wagon?

How is a person supposed to know if a particular food is good for them or not?

What are some common mistakes people make with healthy eating?

How does a person go about eating healthier without feeling deprived?

You are a chef. What are your top recipe suggestions for gut health/digestive health/breakfast/etc.

The modality you practice is Ayurveda. What is Ayurveda?

Why is it important to know your body type?

Why is it important to eat for your digestion?

Is diet really enough to reverse or heal disease?

Ayurveda is known for its food combining rules. What are some food combinations that we might be getting wrong?

Why do you say that lunch is the most important meal of the day?

How many meals should we be having each day?

What about intermittent fasting?

What are some practical tips and suggestions to get started?

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Programs I Offer

Happy Eater – Eat healthier without feeling deprived (6 week)

Lotus Flow Journey – Unlock your energy flows, and implement the healthy diet and lifestyle habits you deeply desire (1-year group)

Health Breakthroughs Mentorship (1-year 1:1)

1:1 Health Coaching – packages designed to uncover root causes and restore health

Seasonal Retreats – in spring, summer and winter (2-day virtual events)

Ayurveda Cleanse Support – in spring and fall (4 weeks)

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