How to Forgive Yourself When Sick

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How to Forgive Yourself When You’re Sick

In today’s episode of the Eat, Live, Feel BETTER podcast, I sat down with Marcella Friel, a food and forgiveness mentor who helps health-conscious women learn to love and forgive themselves.

Today’s topic is “How to Forgive Yourself When You’re Sick.”

At first blush, you might actual wonder why forgiveness might be necessary at all. “What do I need to forgive?” you might ask.

When you listen to this podcast you will understand that underneath every single negative and unwanted behavior, thinking pattern, or painful symptom, there’s a story just waiting to be uncovered.

Stories are stories we tell ourselves in the moment about what is happening, and stories often originate in childhood.

There’s a problem with childhood stories though. That’s that they are rarely accurate representations of the situation.

This is because we lack emotional intelligence as little kids …  so we make up stories about how we are unloved, unworthy of love and attention, etc.

Unfortunately, we carry these stories around with us our whole lives … until one day we are confronted with failure, or the inability to achieve something we really want, such as losing weight for example.

It’s at this point that you muster up the courage to ask why you can’t achieve your health goals.

That’s where Marcella’s work comes in!

Her grand message of forgiveness says that whatever it is that’s blocking you from achieving your goals CAN be released through forgiveness.

Alleluia! This is powerful!

If you’re wondering how all of this is accomplished, Marcella’s got a special method of working with women that you might have heard of. It’s tapping, and everyone can do it!

So grab a tea, get cozy, and let’s work on self-forgiveness with Marcella.

What we discuss

  • 0:00 How to Forgive Yourself When Sick
  • 3:30 Marcella’s Story
  • 7:07 Marcella’s Explains How EFT Works
  • 10:46 How to Forgive Yourself When Sick
  • 16:00 How To Tap on Pain
  • 19:30 Healing Generational Trauma
  • 23:06 Why Diets Don’t Work
  • 27:00 Importance of Unconditional Self-love
  • 29:14 Game-changer Habit
  • 32:50 The Hidden Message of Forgiveness
  • 35:52 Why Focus on the Negative?

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