How Modern Genetics Affirms the Wisdom of Ayurveda

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Are you curious about the science of Ayurveda? Would you like to know how it works? This conversation with integrative medicine pioneer Kerry Harling offers a modern scientific perspective, as well as evidence that the ancient science works.

Kerry is a pioneering Ayurveda practitioner who completed her education in neuroscience after the age of 40. She now uses genetic testing in her clinical practice, and she’s discovered that modern genetics is basically just Ayurveda dressed up in different words.

What I particularly love about Kerry is her tenacity and can-do attitude, particularly how she recovered from an abusive marriage and debilitating illness through Ayurveda, then paid it forward working with clients using the genetics, all the while working on the recent launch of her groundbreaking personalized skincare system where AI and algorithms take into account over 87 factors to arrive at her unique skincare recommendations.

Ladies, you will not want to miss this conversation. It’s loaded with nuggets of wisdom, as well as the promise of a revolutionary skincare solution … Do I have your attention now?

What we discussed

  • 00:00 Who is Kerry Harling?
  • 02:13 Why Kerry transitioned from genetics to Ayurveda
  • 05:01 What was the Ayurveda program like for Kerry? What was she thinking when she started?
  • 06:47 How did Kerry understand Ayurveda as an ancient science, versus the scientific knowledge that she had?
  • 08:57 How did Kerry’s Ayurveda business start?
  • 10:37 How did Ayurveda transform Kerry’s health?
  • 15:53 The big 5 health issues
  • 19:28 Modern medicine vs Ayurveda
  • 20:23 Summary

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