Revolutionizing Beauty with Ayurvedic Personalized Skincare

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In Part 2 of the inaugural episode of Eat Live Feel Better Podcast, my conversation with Ayurveda practitioner Kerry Harling continues. Today we’re talking about root causes and skin care, as well as debunking the view that Ayurveda is all about following rules. What we learn is that it’s actually by not following the rules that we often discover the answers to life’s most vexing issues.

I think this is one of those conversations where we learned so much about how to not stress about our health and about how to keep enjoying all the things we enjoy but to do so more mindfully. Listening to your body, listening to yourself, and learning to slow down is what really stood out for me from this conversation.

I hope this episode helps you to trust yourself more and to trust that you know the way forward that is right for you whether it’s through the path of Ayurveda or something else. Trust that by looking within you will discover the answers you’re looking for.

Ladies, you will not want to miss this conversation. It’s loaded with nuggets of wisdom, as well as the promise of a revolutionary skincare solution … Do I have your attention now?

What we discussed

  • 01:03 How did Kerry start her Ayurveda skincare business?
  • 04:50 What is Uniquely Yours Skincare?
  • 12:02 What is beauty?
  • 13:21 What is health?
  • 15:37 What Kerry recommends as a person’s first or next step on their health journey?
  • 19:08 Final advice

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Andrea Hayley-Sankaran is an Ayurvedic community leader, nutritionist, and gut health expert who’s on a mission to empower individuals with strategies and tools to Eat, Live, and Feel Better!

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