Conquering Ulcerative Colitis with a Rebel Spirit

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In today’s episode of the Eat, Live, Feel BETTER podcast, I sat down with Angela Perger, a mother, yoga instructor, podcast host, and Ayurveda professor with a determined Rebel Spirit that gives her strength when times are tough.

For most of her adult life, Angela battled a painful condition called ulcerative colitis, which causes inflammation in the colon. Doctors also told her she would need a liver transplant within a decade and that having children would be impossible. 

But Angela defied all the odds. Today, she’s a proud mother of healthy children, all naturally conceived, and she never had to undergo surgery.

Ultimately, she ended up with some combination of all of them that works for her. It’s a middle way that she discovered through Ayurveda.  

I absolutely love and appreciate how Real and approachable Angela is when sharing her story with us. 

Her personable manner, ease of laughter, and open attitude flows naturally from the many people she’s helped as an Ayurveda practitioner, and also from the super popular Simple Ayurveda Podcast, which has 242 episodes right now and over 1 million downloads so far. 

Rebel Spirit indeed. Tuck in my friends. This is a good one!

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Angela’s Yoga Nidra recommendations

Yoga Nidra—a guided meditation that supports a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping—is something that Angela does every afternoon to manage her stress and stay grounded. She was kind enough to share her favorite resources with us! 

Soma Nidra practice by Angela’s teacher Kaya

Yoga Nidra for Grounding with Simple Ayurveda graduate Kimberly Palmer-Contreras

Journey through the Dhatus with Angela

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